Igraduated as a programmer at the technical college (I.T.I.S.). My studies were oriented to informatics; this experience offered me the chance to learn how to solve the problems through logical thinking. Efficiency in problem solving for a programmer comes form being alble to write programs using the minimum possible number of lines of programming code. The attitude i aquired during this formative course has become one of my distinctive traits when i design a new product; so that the result will mostly end up being as simple as possible, both for the manufacturer and the final user.

My formative process followed up at IUAV, allowing me to refine my problem solving skills; teaching me that the work of designer is a sinergy between different kind of konwledges, mixin up art, science, humanism and so on. This idea led me eventually on cultivating new interests more for personal curiosity than for professional necessity, for example the last exhibition that I visited was the "Personal Best" of Erwitt. Developing a new project the 70% of my energies are dedicated to research; the initial part of a creative process is really important. A solid research on a different fields is mandatory to create something that is not only new but also complete and useful for its final proupose. Inspiration always come from common source, such as: market, nature, music, art or books and slowly the vison takes from and translates into a creative solution.

My first working experience is related to my parents' Ice Cream Bar. The key in the production of traditional ice cream is constant experimentation, and it is also the main difference with industrial ice cream. My famil was my first committent, and for them i developed not only new products but also a new identity for our shop.

Another important experience was my staging period at Magis. During this time there, i had the chance to assist Mr. Perazza and the office design's team. Perazza himself taught me a lot, allowing me to patecipate to meetings with famous contemporary designers, and even to help in the creation of new products; joining the visits to varius suppliers and learning about production techniques.

By the end of my staging period at Magis I graduated, with my final project being a masterplan about urban illumination. After that i moved to London for two months and worked there on two project as a freelacer. Back to Italy I still keep myself busy with occasional freelance projects, last one being the organization of an area for an artist at Padua's International Trade Fair.

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