The innovative power strip that allows you to take advantage when you put any plug nearby, and to switch off appliances connected to it.


Mobile support system that allows a more ergonomic posture. Made of mono composite material (aramid fibers) allows it to be lightweight and durable at the same time.


The combination of two different materials, has been chosen to innovate the design and the purpose is to validate the wood creating a surprise effect. The wood in fact, generally used for the seats in the monocoque, now with Tile is cut up and reassembled like a mosaic, and united by an elastomer to make it flexible and ergonomic.


The contrast, as a metaphor of today. Spokesman of this metaphor are the materials used glass and wood. H-alf is a library with a classic shape, simple and minimal. H-alf is customizable also in the form given that the wooden part is free to slide.


Nature and technology. Self-creation and artificiality. An analysis of the current scene and a reflection on consumerism in the field of urban waste. On closer ispection at the costs and energy consumption charges on Italian towns. Introducing “Trèfle” off-grid system, characterized by “solar leaves”...


... It’s composed by a photovoltaic thin film installed on PVC and integrated by a biomethanol fuel cell. Trèfle with its innovative design is perfectly suited to the environmental without disturbing the aesthetic harmony of the city.

La Colombina

Ice cream shop bar, born in 1957. Is an historian bar in Jesolo. The concept of the renovation is create an new helegat ice cream shop but more lighter and hot than before.

Le Zupperì

is a concept for the redevelopment of an area in Zona Tortona in Milan. It is a restraunt dedicated to the soup, and the way to make the soup. In fact each user will have the ability to create their own soup as you like.

Ikea Alphabet

Alphabet font-built with the IKEA assembly instructions. This font was inspired by Futura

Yes We Surf

Graphics for t-shirts designed for the brand Yes We Surfing with the catalog.

Cv riassuntivo

I am an ambitious designer and motivated. I learn quickly and have excellent ability to problemsolving. Perfectionist, I like to dedicate all my energies to success of a project. I prefer to work in teams, know communicate effectively and transmit enthusiasm in front of a good idea.

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